Deadline Extended: Competency Assessments and Development Plans

Competency Assessments and Development Plan deadlines have been extended as follows:

Extended Deadline
March 2 Competency Assessments
Extended Deadline
March 9 Development Plans

Does this apply to you and your team?

Full-time staff YES
Part-time or temporary staff NO
Faculty NO
Faculty that supervises staff YES: Complete assessments for staff that report to you

Don’t wait until the last minute.
Competency Assessments and Development Plans cannot be effective if they are rushed.

If you have not already completed these tasks:
Log in to AlamoTALENT. Hover over the “Performance” tab, click “Employee Performance Planning” and get started as soon as possible.

Online Resources:

AlamoTALENT has videos, resources, FAQs, job aids, and tutorials to help you through this process.

All of these resources are located in the same place as the SMART Goals, Competency Assessment and Development Plan tasks. To access them all:

  • Log in to AlamoTALENT
  • Hover over “Performance”, then click on “Employee Performance Planning”


Please contact your supervisor for detailed instructions or more information.

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