EduTECH 2018- Call for Proposals

EDUTECH is a district-wide technology conference designed to build your professional network through learning, reflection and active engagement with your colleagues. It is also a great way to exchange ideas, learn new technology, build successful partnerships and determine the future direction of teaching with technology. We encourage a variety of presentations regarding the broad topic of teaching with technology. Our topics of focus for this year’s conference are as follows:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Open Education Resources
  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • eLearning Quality/Standards
  • Online Assessment
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • Educational Software
  • Social Networking
  • Gamification
  • Animation/3D Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools
  • Active Learning with Technology Tools etc.

Program Strands

This thread will explore the ways in which educational technology can be used to improve student success. Presentations might focus on the incorporation of social media in the classroom, the utilization of technology to provide students with immediate feedback, or ways in which technology is used outside of the classroom to create learning communities or provide students with supplemental learning opportunities.

This thread will explore the ways in which innovative anagogical techniques and instructional strategies can improve student success. Presentations might focus on various active and collaborative online learning strategies, including the use of problem-based learning, case methods, simulations, deliberative dialogue, or the creation of learning communities.

How can technology enable and empower the core academic mission of teaching, learning? These sessions will use digital learning, learning space design, online and blended learning, accessibility and universal design, mobile learning, as well as support for libraries, pedagogical research, and scholarship. Exploring multiple ways to engage students such as gamification, collaborative learning, and digital learning, these sessions will use innovative teaching and learning theories to liven up their lessons.

Presentation Delivery Options

These sessions will best be facilitated by a single presenter (but may be presented by up to two presenters) on a topic of interest. Each presenter will present 4 times before moving on to a different session or presentation. Cool tech tools that can be easily incorporated into a lesson or class discussion are the goal here. Innovative technology that engages students and helps deepen learning are also excellent choices to present at these sessions.

These sessions feature two to four dynamic presenters offering case studies about how their institutions have approached a shared topic, or they may feature presenters taking different and sometimes controversial perspectives on a topic. Examples may include the evolving role of the CIO, security, privacy and cloud, advancing IT innovation within budgetary constraints, or other critical issues in higher education. For all panel presentations, participant feedback and response will be encouraged. Maximum of four presenters, including the moderator.

These sessions are opportunities to shares a topic of interest through an innovative, thought-provoking format that encourages audience participation and interaction. Participant feedback and response to issues will be encouraged throughout the session.

  • Single presenter (Typically 30 minutes)
  • Multi presenter (Maximum of four presenters, Typically 60 minutes)

Criteria for Selection

  • Relevance to Excellence in Online Teaching Conference Mission
  • Clarity
  • Audience Appeal/Usefulness to Audience (translating to improved practice)
  • Relevance to Research/Theory/Practice
  • Specificity on the application of theory and practice to teaching
    and learning face to face/online/or hybrid instruction

Who Can Submit Proposals? 
Alamo Colleges District faculty and staff members with experience in teaching with technology are invited to submit proposals and attend the conference.

Where Do I submit my Proposal?
All submissions are due no later than September 20, 2018.
Please go to the following link to submit your proposal:

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